Curious consciousness seekers welcome.

The answers are closer than you think… Whether you’re an astrology newbie or mystical expert — if you’re looking for a guide to hold a safe space for self-exploration, I’d love to meet you. Of course, we’ll discuss your chart, but it’s more than a conversation.

I’m a seeker who believes in a fully imperfect and beautiful life. I have experienced significant transformation throughout my life from growing up in a dysfunctional and abusive family to 2 divorces to recovering from alcohol and drug addictions.

However, the most powerful lessons are the subtly of everyday living: having fun with my dogs, dance parties in my kitchen, tending to my finances, moving my body. I used to think that I had it all figured out: I could be a “functional” person by day-holding a job and by night, I could do whatever I wanted. Now I realize I have nothing figured out, and I am excited by life. I love the idea of practicing, taking risks, learning lessons, making mistakes, have successes and sharing it all with people who are on their own journeys.  

well hello.

meet bridget

November 5th, seeks to empower people: to guide people who want to increase their self-awareness, review their perspectives, build confidence in their intuition and develop more resources. The November Fifth offerings focus on intuitive guidance from astrology and tarot, but it is an evolving conversation with seekers that determines that is best for them.

Move confidently through the world with a message based on YOU.





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